Sunday, 16 January 2011

So what happened next..?

I decided to write my own brief, and tailor the project to my interests and strengths:

Create branding for a new range of ‘exclusively’ men’s boutiques or concept store

Target Audience:

Fashion Conscious Men aged 20-50

Will pay a premium for individual pieces
They look for quality over price

They require an experience when shopping
These are brands with a similar (not identical) ethos:

Rags to Bitches (Manchester)

Beyond Retro (London)

Fred’s (Chorlton Manchester)

Oi Polloi (Manchester)

The personality of the brand is:
• English eclectic

• Clever/Smart

• Strong, not afraid to be different

• Modern male

• Fashion forward, begins trends, does not follow

• Not elitist, approachable

• Refers to the past for its style

• Well dressed/groomed


The shop should include elements of the past, typography, imaging or/and colour scheme should be considered. The branding should make the store approachable, clearly define the male aspect, and exclusive. The pricing of the clothing is somewhere in between Urban Outfitters and Ted Baker, and the garments are handpicked, usually vintage and sourced worldwide. There is scope to design for a range of branches (maximum 5) countrywide, each store can be different although there should be a strong brand identity connecting the stores, or you can design for one concept store. Look at unique ways to building a brand, any means can be utilised (e.g. digital, interactive) It is important to evoke a sense of authenticity and quality through each element you design.

Below are some of my outcomes.

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