Saturday, 12 December 2009

Work Shop Brief

Here's where im at with the workshop brief. We have to design a logo/brand for someone in our class, then apply the logo to a letter head, comp slip and business card. I'm designing for Olivia Haigh. I took her initials and wanted to work with the conept "oh!" so it looked like a statement. I think it's relevant as her work is quite graphic, and it contains computer development, which is usually associated with male graphic designers. I wanted to use the name 'oh!' to convey my first reaction of seeing her work, in relation to the above reasoning.Here are some of my first
designs, spoke to tutor and Olivia, they think i should develop the more hand written style font.

in these designs i like how the logo can be interlinked to create a design, or pattern for a background etc.

Not keen on the colour scheme in these set of designs but thik they communicate the idea of the spoken 'oh!' more so than any of the others.

I like this font but just dont think it is relevant here. The logo looks more like " o hi "

Olivia Haigh really liked the colour scheme here, so i will continue with using these colours. I also quite like the lines, but not sure they will work with a more hand written type face as they look quite rigid, ill experiment and see.

France November 09

Eventually sorted the photos out from France. They still wont go on facebook :( heres a selection of the best photos in a montage which sums up our trip! I'll probably add the rest to flickr soon.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

erghhh! hand in day - bye sound + vision

Well after last nights triumph i finally went to bed at 3.00am and asleep by 4. So glad ive now handed in the whole project, and dont have to worry about it every 2 seconds. Found this a really trying project and have stated so on the end of project feedback form. I think my 'time management' tottaly ruined the whole project and became quite a negative influence. Ill post a pic of my final piece which turned out to be a concertina book, when i get it back and it's marked.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

last nights work...

More development work from the sound and vision project. I started creating pieces that i thought encapsulated the essence of 'rose rouge'. I then started clashing pieces together to create new outcomes. I used alot of acetate which helped me comunicate the layers within the song through the collages. I want to somehow create a timeline or series of these pieces which reflect each moment within the 30 second exert.

Sunday, 22 November 2009


 anne charlotte menegaux

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Collage experiments for Vision/Sound Brief

Here are a few examples of some development I have formed out of the original free drawings. I took interesting sections from the line drawings, by zooming in on specific areas then made them into symbols (circles). I have been experimenting with the different layer tools on photoshop as i've never really used them before, I quite like these pieces and think they echo a bass line and rhythm due to the repetitiveness. I and also like the colour pallet.

Development + Experimentation for Sound + Vision Brief

Some of my latest work, on this brief. After talkin to my tutor, he thought i should go back to the hand made aesthetic that usually is in my work. I'm really pleased to be working back in this style and feel happier with the project, and think I can produce some solid work in the nxt week.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Progress With Distruption Project

I have continued to further my research and development, after the disaster which was £80's worth of new hard-drive! I have continued using the free drawing method which has given me some interesting marks to work with. Have messed around with them in photoshop, trying out different compositions and colours. I have shorted the 7 min rose rouge song, to a one minute section which has the most going on.


Tuesday, 27 October 2009

New Brief - Disruption

We were given our new brief and its called Distruption. The project looks really interesting as it combines music with graphic design.We have to create a visual map which interprets one of the following songs:

  • Heroin -The Velvet Underground
  • Being For The Benifit of Mr Kite - The Beatles
  • Superstition - Stevie Wonder
  • O Superman - Laurie Anderson
  • Rose Rouge - St Germain
  • Frontier Psychiatrist - The Avalanches

Im finding it really hard to choose one of the above songs as I like 3 of them!! I dont know if choosing a song I know well will be to my advantage or not. Atm its between, St Germain, Avalanches, Stevie & Laurie Anderson.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Year 2 - First Project Restriction

Here you will find work from the restriction brief. I found this v.v.v.v.v hard! I am stil a novice when it comes to Indesign and Illustrator so I found there was a LOT of work to complete in the time restriction. It took me twice as long to figure out how to get my ideas in my head onto the computer screen. I also need to adhere to the briefs restrictions with more accuracy! I think i put more time into researching the poster content than considering the layout/colours etc. All in all though I think there's a couple of sucessful spreads.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Summer Project- Typography Inspiration

Experimental typography from New Zealand design company bemodern. Could see the poster on the left working in a short animated piece.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Amanda Wachob Tattoo's

I want one!!

The Melbourne Design Guide

This little book has been made by local designers living and working in the Melbourne design community. I like the lo-fi feel to the design of book which is similar to the Le Cool travel publications. I recently aquired a copy of the Le Cool guide to Barcelona from a mate who used the guide while staying in Barcelona. The content is cool and quirky and gives an insiders guide to the city but what i apreciate the most is the design within the book. I think all city guides should look like this. Just like these guides emphasise the cities character. Heres some pics from Le Cool guide to Barcelona.  Maps designed by Vasava

What i've Been Looking at Recently

How cool is this bike!? I want one. From Danish designer Michael Ubbesen Jakobsen. He sees the the bike as an object of design but it is still functional. It reminds me of Piet Mondrians paintings.

Why Am I Blogging?

Well I don't know really seen as im not great at writing! But I do need somewhere to store my inspiration as it were, and keep a catalogue of my own work. I will update daily (well...) and share any thoughts or findings i come across! Enjoy!