Saturday, 12 December 2009

Work Shop Brief

Here's where im at with the workshop brief. We have to design a logo/brand for someone in our class, then apply the logo to a letter head, comp slip and business card. I'm designing for Olivia Haigh. I took her initials and wanted to work with the conept "oh!" so it looked like a statement. I think it's relevant as her work is quite graphic, and it contains computer development, which is usually associated with male graphic designers. I wanted to use the name 'oh!' to convey my first reaction of seeing her work, in relation to the above reasoning.Here are some of my first
designs, spoke to tutor and Olivia, they think i should develop the more hand written style font.

in these designs i like how the logo can be interlinked to create a design, or pattern for a background etc.

Not keen on the colour scheme in these set of designs but thik they communicate the idea of the spoken 'oh!' more so than any of the others.

I like this font but just dont think it is relevant here. The logo looks more like " o hi "

Olivia Haigh really liked the colour scheme here, so i will continue with using these colours. I also quite like the lines, but not sure they will work with a more hand written type face as they look quite rigid, ill experiment and see.

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